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Full day spent with Bob De-Nay was beyond expectation…

Bob is a polymath whose skills, talents, and educational background are only exceeded by his patience and dedication to the proper and effective use of firearms.  His written and oral presentations were excellent.  His ability to answer questions and illustrate by orally and with anecdotes was focused and helpful.  Accolades to such a quintessential professional, it is by far the best course offered for both novice and advanced users in Arizona.  I recommend his school unhesitatingly.  Congrats for exceptional work and dedication.

M. Henner, JAGC, USN Retired


What energy this Instructor (De-Nay) Denis has. He kept …

the Class moving at a fast pace all day. We were swept up in his Instruction. I was never bored at all during the day. Great New CCW 2010 – 2012 Law Class and Accuracy Session. I am a retired Marine and I thought I know it all when it came to being accurate with a gun. Bob’s techniques at the end of the class and his instruction improved my skills and abilities in accuracy by at least 20%. This man knows his stuff. I appreciated his patience with all of us students and the questions of which there where many during the day. He answers everyone’s questions. He practices and teaches safety, safety and more safety. He is the real deal a true Professional at what he does and he genuinely cares about his students passing the AZ DPS CCW permit class. Bob, thanks for all your advise and training. I will Bob, go home and develop a plan of action as you recommended in case my family is home invaded by the bad guys. I will highly recommend you Bob. Thanks again you’re the best! To bad you where Air Force Special OPS in Vietnam the Corps could have used you full time. Semper Fi

Jonathan Salmon


I’ve been around firearms all of my life… 

but was always hesitant/nervous to take any formal training to secure my CCW Permit.  I firmly believe I chose the best instructor to get me started in my formal firearm training.  Bob is very experienced and intuitive – he picked up on just what he needed to spend time on and what I already had in my skill set.  He is committed to firearm safety and communicates it very effectively.  I highly recommend the course with Bob!!  I visit AZ from TN every March and will be looking to take another course with Bob next year! 

Marilyn Martin


You couldn’t ask for a more skilled instructor…

for their course 404 than Bob. The man’s background in guns for personal protection is incredible. I would highly recommend ccwazschool to anyone considering a concealed carry class.  5 stars. And the price is right!

D. Keith Miles


I learned a great amount today! …

I was very appreciative of the fundamentals on basic marksmanship and handgun safety. I found the chart inside the course material very helpful in identifying the mistakes that I am making and how to correct them. I was also very surprised at how quickly time passed during the instruction. I found the legal explanations and examples as wonderful aids. As a law student I was particularly interested in that portion. Bob is a wonderful Instructor. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in purchasing a firearm let alone obtaining a concealed carry permit.



I found Bob DeNis’ CCW Class to be remarkable…

precise and, because of the (obvious) expertise and experience, very easy to learn from and complete. The technology behind ‘phone conferences’ is so simple that anyone can do it by follow the instructions and the level of presentation was excellent, communications clarity spot on. For those who have had the range time, comprehension of nomenclature and don’t have a lot of time to sit in a classroom, the phone conference live CCW class is OUTSTANDING! I recommend it without reservation.

Rich ‘Doc’ Colley


Bob, I’m happy to say that after having attended your CCW class…

only as recently as Feb 5 of this year, I was granted my CCW permit on Mar 6 – exactly 1 month later! I wish to thank you for your valuable instruction and for the very interesting and useful information I took away from your course. To tell you the truth, I’ve actually attended three other CCW courses in the past 2 years, but never submitted my paperwork, until after completing your class. I can attest that the intruction you offered in your class has, by far, been the most instructive CCW class that I’ve come across, and for that I am very fortunate. After explaining this to my wife, she now also plans to attend your CCW class. Many thanks again,”

Ron H. Ayanzen, M.D.


I recently read that Arizona grants….

non-resident CCW’s. Research lead me to Bob Denis. While I could complete the necessary requirements based on my experience while in the comfort of my home in Illinois, I was traveling to Phoenix, so I set up a meet with Bob immediately after landing. What a guy! Knowledgeable, friendly, direct, honest, helpful, detailed! From hand-shake to dropping the completed application in the mail took less than 2 hours! I will now have several other states, in addition to my Florida CCW permit, to legally carry to protect myself. I highly recommend Bob Denis!

Lawrence C. Pyzik D.C. DACBR



I’ve taken Classes in three different States and from what I have taken away from today was far and above the others. The Law related information was outstanding. Then the Grip and Shooting Adjustments made an immediate improvement on my shooting and improved the shooting of the rest of the Class. “Thanks Bob”. You will be seeing me in your future Training Class.

PS. Good Luck finding a comparable Class for the price, you won’t, call Bob today.



As a student who recently attended….

CCW training with instructor Bob, please allow me to tell you, he is one of the best! He knows all the laws, and leaves no questions unanswered. He does this, while keeping the class interested in what he is talking about at the present time. His extra accuracy training is a BIG plus as well. Even the most experienced shooters will be better then they had been before taking his class. He has great respect for firearm safety as well. He has a lot of personal experience to pull from, which allows him to help students with pretty much any concern they may have. He did a great job. Take his class you will be happy you did.



Bob, I took the CCW class from you at Caswel’s on Thursday June 30th.

I am very impressed with the information that was provided in the class.

After taking your course I feel well prepared for the future of my personal defense. Not only were resources presented in an understandable manner and format, topics and points that may change were pointed out and resources were provided so that I will be able to monitor for possible changes and know how to understand and comply with them better.

Given that the topics covered in the course are always evolving, it is good to know that I have resources like the ones provided in this course, and you Bob, My Instructor For Life, to help me find answers to those questions I may have, and further my understanding and knowledge on this important topic.

As a side note, at the time we were shooting I had been awake for about 26 hours. You thought I did good then, imagine how I’d do after a good nights sleep.

I am also wondering how I would get involved in competitive shooting.

Thank you very much for all of your help, your encouragement, and example.




Bob, I attended your CCW class last Saturday in Tempe.

I would like to start by saying thank you for the pleasant experience. I was surprised that an advertised 5 hour class could go so quickly! I contribute that to your teaching style. I really enjoyed the way you taught or presented your message by way of real life examples and situations. The class was anything but boring. Consequently, it was amazing the class attention and participation.

It definitely was 8 hours well spent (including 3 hours driving time).

Also, thank you for the free finger printing. If I would have known you made this whole process this easy I would have done this years ago.

Keep up the good work!!

Joe H.


I took the CCW class & the NRA First Steps class this past weekend.

I am an experienced shooter but I learned a better way to grip the firearm with my supporting hand while I attended this class.  It actually feels more natural to me and I was hitting tight groupings at 5 and 10 yards out during the qualifying for the CCW permit.  As I continue to shoot using this grip, I will only get better and faster at it.  Thank you Bob for the gripping suggestions.  The CCW class is something that all concealed carriers should take.  This class goes over the do’s and don’ts as well as go over different scenarios to help you better understand the law.  You are also provided with a good amount of documentation that you can go over on your own.  This is the type of material you will want to read and re-read so you have all the information on CCW’s tattooed in your head!  The class also provides you with all the paperwork and they do the finger printing for your CCW permit, they even provide the envelope you need to send into DPS.  I highly recommend this class to anyone that plans on carrying a concealed weapon.  It is so important to understand the laws so you are better prepared when a situation arises.

Joe S.


I fully understand the definitions of…

weapon misconduct and the proper scenarios in which drawing a weapon is warranted. The advantages of obtaining a CCW are clear now. I also have learned a few special circumstances where deadly force is appropriate and the correct steps in preparation of defense of the home. I would recommend this class to anyone that is planning on carrying a firearm.

R. Crespo


I learned a great deal today.

I was very appreciative of the fundamentals on basic marksmanship and handgun safety. I found the chart inside the course material very helpful in identifying the mistakes that I am making and how to correct them. I was also very surprised at how quickly time passed during the instruction. I found the legal explanations and examples as wonderful aids. As a law student I was particularly interested in that portion. Bob is a wonderful Instructor. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in purchasing a firearm let alone obtaining a concealed carry permit.

Charles J.


Thumbing Pistol how to correct for better accuracy.

By Bob (De-Nay) Denis, NRA Certified & AZ DPS Certified Instructor

Below is the Combat grip (or forward thumb grip) that I teach in Class.

Hello Michael,

When it comes to the grip you can choose what you want, but it may be choosing the least effective way to manage recoil. And prevent thumbing the gun too much. Keeping in mind the “Thumbs forward” grip, try to make sure that you are covering the exposed portion of the grip with your support hand (the heal thru your thumb like my picture I have posted). As I have always said to my Students … “The gun will follow the path of least resistance”, and the thumbs forward, full contact to grips is the best way to ensure that recoil impulse is traveling in more of a straight line thru your body. I hope this will help you with thumbing and help make you more accurate with your firearm. Stay safe.

Your Instructor for life.

Bob (De-Nay) Denis, CEO

Web Site:

Office ph. 480-275-6995, Email:


Hello Jason,

Thanks for your question and continuous interest in our AZ DPS Licensed Firearms School.

Your question:

How do you compare your Walther PPS with Ruger LC9, or with Taurus Slim 709, if you’re familiar with these two? Answer: Carefully. Below I give you some opinions.

Not much I can give you here Michael from a personal perspective since I don’t own this gun but have friends that do. And yes they have let me fire it. Taurus did jump into the market with their “Slim,” a slim (natch!) 7+1 9mm, 19 ounce semi-auto but a price point of $485, less on the street. Much like a Glock but very thin. Some play in bottom of mag. Adjustable rear sights. Great overall gun for Concealed Carry. Shoots great, recoil is light, purchase is good and the pistol does not move around in my hand when I shoot.

This I own. The LC9 essentially “splits the baby” between the SR9c and the wildly successful LCP .380. At various times I have carried an STI-LS9, one of the thinnest single actions available and a superb little gun.

The LC9’s length is 6 inches (same as the Taurus Slim, longer than the Kahrs and the Sig) with a barrel length of 3.12 inches. Weight is 17.10 ounces; width of only .90 inches, consistent with the Kahrs, the Slim and the new Sig and compared to the 1.2-ish width of the SR9c. To compare, the LCP has a length of 5.16 inch, a width of .82 and an unloaded weight of 9.4 ounces.

My first purchase day I put about 60 rounds of mixed 124-gr ammo through the gun, most of it WW white box ball. I won’t lie to you Michael — the LC9 barks. But interestingly enough when I shot it alongside my LCP with Carbon defense loads, I’d have to say the .380 definitely had a sharper bite. The LC9 magazines come with an optional butt plate with a pinky grip…I’ve never paid that much attention to similar butt pads for the LCP, but I have to say the extra finger on the grip of the 9mm made a big difference to me. Depending on how the gun carries, my inclination would be to install the extended butt pad on all the magazines.

The LC9 has an excellent set of fixed sights (with those annoying 3-dots!), including a dovetailed front. In fact, when I changed from the LC9 to my carry LCP, I really missed the sight picture! The LC9 has a strong-side only manual safety a la the SR series…not really necessary for a long double-action-only trigger, but I’m still going to come down on the side of “plus.” As you know, I am a huge proponent of a manual safety in a gun carried off-body or in a forward of the hip carry like appendix or forward cross draw. The gun also has a magazine safety, which sucks. Hopefully, if you purchase this Michael it’s as easily removable as the ones in the SR series guns. All four magazines dropped clear, and the mag button is where God and John Browning intended it to be.

The trigger pull is long but not particularly heavy (I ran this gun to the range straight from the FFL person, so I didn’t have a lot of my tools and toys with me). There is a small bit of roughness — not stacking — at the end of the stroke, but it didn’t seem to be an issue with my shooting. The trigger smoothed out some as I shot it.

Okay, here’s the question of the day…is the LC9 a pocket pistol by the conventional definition? I’ll give you a qualified “maybe.” I have had it in my pocket before, and weight wise it feels like steel J-frame revolver, but bulkier. DeSantis pocket holster should fit the LC9.

Do I think Ruger has found the tipping point here? A question asked of me a lot these days. My answer is yes, they have, and in exactly the same way they drove the LCP to best-seller status. There were a host of .380 pocket pistols before the LCP, but the Ruger captured the market with its name recognition, quality, price point and canny mix of features. The LC9 exhibits those very same traits…it’s a Ruger, which means Michael that not only will it likely work, but the company will stand behind it. At a $443 MSRP, it’s substantially less than the top-end Kahrs, but not hugely more expensive than the bottom end. The sights are exceptional; the trigger pretty good. It’s a handful, but not an uncontrollable handful.

I think the LC9 will appeal to the Gun Culture Ver. 2.0 people who came into the culture through CCW with a pocket pistol like the LCP and are now ready to step up to a larger caliber. They’ve had more time behind the gun, understand both shooting and carrying a lot better, and I believe the first gun they’re going to be looking at is the one most similar to what they’re already carrying.

Last but not least my favorite the S&W Walter PPS 9mm.

How cute is this?

Yes I am partial to this pistol and here is why:

Walther PPS is short recoil operated, locked breech pistol that uses modified Browning type locking with tilting barrel. Frame of the gun is made from impact resistant polymer. Trigger is of double action only type, striker fired, with pre-cocked striker system, similar to QA system used in Walther P99 pistols. This system requires a manual re-cocking (by partial slide retraction) in the case of misfire. Gun is fitted with automated trigger safety and firing pin block; additional “storage type” safety is provided by removable back strap of the grip; once back strap is removed, the firing pin is automatically decocted and gun is blocked until the back strap is reinstalled. This patented system is called QuickSafe by Walther. Sights are low profile, with rear sight adjustable for windage.

Walther PPS 9mm Fixed Sights #WAP10001

­The Walther Police Pistol Slim (PPS) model narrows the margin between concealment and confidence by packing Walther innovation into an unbelievable 1.04 inch profile. It’s amazing how much professional-grade design actually fits into this lightweight sub-compact. All in all, the PPS embodies both the legendary quality and tradition of innovation that make it not just a great pistol — but a great Walther pistol.

In 9mm or .40 S&W, the PPS has several notable features aimed at better fit and safe performance in its narrow dimensions. From my choice of perfect-fitting back strap (small or large) to the patented QuickSafe innovation, no one packs in the power and features like Walther:

* Ambidextrous Magazine Release

* Includes 1 Magazine

* Loaded Chamber & Cocking Indicators

* Small & Large Back strap

* Trigger Safety

* Internal Striker Safety

* Walther QuickSafe Safety

One 7 Round Magazine Included

­Caliber: 9mm

Length: 6.3″

Height: 4.4″

Overall Width/Width without slide stop lever and takedown buttons: 1.04″/.91″

Barrel Length: 3.2″

Sight Radius: 5.4″

Weight (without Mag): 19.4 oz.

Action: Striker Fire Action, Pre-Cocked

Trigger Pull: 6.1 lbs.

Frame: Black Polymer ­

The Walther PPS is a great gun and quite comfortable in an IWB holster for concealed carry. I have never owned a gun so easy to field strip and reassemble! No struggle with this one! First range trip was a very positive experience. Michael in my opinion this is a gun that really deserves your consideration.

Michael, I hope the aforementioned is helpful in your pistol decision process. Stay safe.

From your Instructor for Life!

Best Regards



Very informative and…

interesting. Knowledgeable instructor answered all questions and handled all fingerprinting for my CCW. I highly recommend the course to all gun owners to improve knowledge and accuracy.



I learned many things such as…

safety with a handgun shooting techniques become a better shooter. This class covered many of the laws that pertain to handgun carrying and ownership. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who owns a firearm.

M. S.


What did you take away from class today?

A better understanding of the current Arizona laws and how it applies to constitutional carry versus concealed carry permit.
In addition to gaining knowledge of different firearms.

Bonnie Kaye Stanley


Great Class and very…

informative. I recommend anyone considering getting their CCW to take the 8.5 hr. long course. I like the time you (Bob) took to answer any questions we had and I loved the clarity of the course. I now know when and if I should use my firearm to defend myself, my loved ones or other innocent bystanders and what to do afterwards.

John B.


Wow! What an experience! This class should …

be something that every gun owner should participate in. You learn not only gun safety which is one of the important things when firearms are involved. To me one of the most important things you get from this coarse is the massive responsibility that having not only a gun requires but having your CCW will require. I will recommend to all my friends as a “must take” class. You will learn things that may save not only your life; but you families.

Robert Hudson


The Class was worth every penny. I got …

exactly what I was looking for, a comprehensive understanding of gun safety, personal safety, and State laws regarding concealed weapons carry. Bob’s lecture and materials were detailed and easy to understand. I know the 8.5 hour CCW Class is just the beginning of my training but I can’t imagine a better place to start. Thank you Bob!

Christopher Duran


Dear Bob, My wife and I took your course, and

it was a busy day. This was the date when the ‘university’ location was unavailable so the entire course was conducted at the store/range. I wanted to get back with you. I’m the guy who’s test you graded on the trunk of the car in the parking lot (it WAS busy). We were very excited and impressed with the course with special appreciation for the sincerety, energy, expertise, and heartfelt concern you displayed throughout the day. That your family is right there with the same dedication you exude is commendable, and stands in stark contrast to the typical blanch institutional (or worse self aggrandizing) approach one has come to expect from todays technoculture. As I mentioned to you on the range, I learned more in one day than in years of previous exposure to firearms, including a military carreer. Simple yet salient practical information and guidance cannot be over valued, and your understanding of this was very helpful both in terms of salient information in class and emperical experience on the range. I’m confident both those new to firearms and ‘old pros’ (duly elected or self enthroned) will benefit immensely from your course. My wife and I are both fortunate to have chosen your course, and hate to think of what we would have missed otherwise. I have spoken about our experience with nothing but high regard since, and would highly recommend, no….highly ADVISE anyone contemplating obtaining their CCW to insist upon attendance in YOUR course. Period. Please do use this communique as testimonial material if you wish. Again, thank you for a great course. Best wishes. Blessings upon you and yours. Cordially.

David and Theresa H.


I’m really thankful I took this Class …

because even though common sense dictates that gun ownership is a huge responsibility, knowing the laws that were taught in this Class illuminated just how awesomely large that responsibility is. Additionally, the point was driven home that we must mentally prepare for this responsibility. That means imaging all the possible scenarios & being prepared to legally handle them. A lot of people assume AZ’s new laws make gun usage a wild-wild west free for all but this Class educates students that there is much more than meets the eye when if comes to constitutional carry.
It was also a great refresher course on stance, grip, breathing, etc. that I know is not offered in most CCW Classes. I felt much more prepared at the end of Class than I did at the beginning.

Nicole Schwartz


Excellent Experience! Bob is …

Articulate & Very Knowledgeable Instructor. His delivery & teaching methods make the information not dry as it could be. Exciting and Fun to learn without boring the Class. The examples he gives help to clarify & drive home the point he is trying to make.

I recommend this class and particularly Bob as an Instructor. You will not be disappointed!

Charles N.


Bob (De-Nay) Denis is an extremely …

knowledgeable instructor. His methods and passion for teaching are exemplary and compels the student to learn and be engaged in the lessons. Talking about different real – life scenarios and dissecting them as a class greatly increased my understanding of when I can legally use deadly force. As a student with previous military experience I can apprecaite the depth of the class and re-learning the fundamentals of marksmanship which was great! Thank you Bob for your dedication. I will highly recommend your class to anyone!

Francisco R.


As a student who recently attended …

CCW training with instructor Bob,  please allow me to tell you, he is one of the best! He knows all the laws,  and leaves no questions unanswered. He does this, while keeping the class  interested in what he is talking about at the present time. His extra  accuracy training is a BIG plus as well. Even the most experienced shooters will be better then they had been before taking his class. He has  great respect for firearm safety as well. He has a lot of personal  experience to pull from, which allows him to help students with pretty much  any concern they may have. He did a great job. Take his class you will be  happy you did.



Eric Sammons – Thank You for a Great Class! …

Bob, thank you for a fantastic class. you are tops in the way you teach and the way you care for your class to learn; the new CCW laws. It was an Honor and Pleasure to attend your class. I have attended many classes during my life in and out of the military on weapons and tactics, but by far your class is the best, you not only taught the CCW law But gave me the mind set to be prepared for what may come thank you, and your wife for improving my life skill.

You can use this as my testimony.

Eric Sammons


I am extremely excited to have taken this class with Bob …

I enjoyed the personal attention that he puts in the class, and all the in depth knowledge that Bob was able to pass on to me. I learned so much beyond what the State laws are. And I am extremely great full that I was able to have Bob as my trainer on such an important matter. I highly recommend this class with Bob. I am happy to also know I can contact him with any questions that I will have in the future. I will recommend this class to others, as it was beyond my expectations!

Thank you Bob for everything!!!

Mike K.


Just wanted to say thanks Bob for a very informative and interesting course.

I have recommended you to a couple of friends whom I trust will be in contact to attend one of your future classes. “You made my day Bob” … Thanks again.

John H.


Bob, once again, thank you for a great class.

There was so much information given in class. I wish it was a 16 hour course so I could have received more. I like how much you pushed for safety, safety, and more safety. Firearms are a tool, if not understood and used for good, will cause catastrophic damage. You deeply pressed in our minds that you MUST be prepared mentally for the legal responsibility of carrying and use of a firearm. For all of this I thank you.

Tony C.

My wife ,Shauna, and I recently had the pleasure of attending…

a concealed carry class conducted by Bob Denis.  The class was conducted at the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club.  The day long class was very comprehensive and Mr. Denis was very knowledgeable and very engaged.  As a result both of us got a huge amount of useful information which may prove to be vital in the event that we ever have the misfortune to have to defend ourselves.  It proved to be very convenient to have the class at the range.  We where able to do the range qualifying with no delay and that gave Mr. Denis far more time to work with us and the other students on shooting technique.  I highly recommend this class and Mr.Denis as an instructor.

Tom S.


My wife and I traveled from California for your course…

and it was well worth the effort. The course was well thought out and the practical experience on the range was great. …And the cost was a bargain also.

Mark B.


I just wanted to thank you again for teaching what was an incredible…

and informative class on Weapons, Current Laws, training, preparation, & safety. I just took a basic handgun class at another facility, after being in your CCW class, and it was nothing compared to the information that you provided us with. Additionally,….the written material that you gave us was much more user friendly, as well as thorough than what was given to me in the other class. I’m extremely appreciative and thankful that I chose your class to get my CCW Permit. I intend on having my wife attend your CCW class upon our return from vacation next month.

Thanks again for your time, talent and conviction! I intend on “having a plan, and preparing accordingly!”

Tom LaFave


I would like to say Thanks once again for the class yesterday.  I was shot on 08/05/07…

I was just walking out of my bathroom when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, and looked down and seen blood gushing from my stomach. I had to walk with this hole in my stomach down stairs to where my Mother was. I knew I had to react fast in order to survive, so I moved as quick as possible, while applying pressure to my stomach. I have a 9mm bullet lodged in my lower right part of my abdominal. I woke up a few days later to find out that I was shot with a 9mm in my stomach and loss my right kidney, had my liver repaired, and had to have a spinal fusion, it was know joke. I was just an average young 22 year old man walking to the restroom in my Mother’s house and happen to get shot, you think I was gang banging, slagging drugs or other etc……NO NO NO at the time I was a college student at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, and working a full time job. My life has been different from the day I got shot, I had to learn how to walk all over again. I was weak for months and months fighting the pain. I am blessed to be here to take a class from Mr. Bob to teach you how to stay aware at all times. I have learned in the class to stay calm breathe, and have a plan at all times. I didn’t ask for this to happen, it just happened, and I have to learn from it. I wish I could have took the class when I was 21 to learn the things I learned yesterday in class. I like the way Mr. Bob instruct his classes he don’t hold back, he keep it honest and he know what he doing 100 % believe me I know. He said something in class yesterday that I caught and it stayed on my mind the whole time in class, “don’t give up, you have to lose so much blood to pass out” I feel if I would have fell and gave up I wouldn’t be here today. The class was not some regular class, it’s a class where you didn’t want to go to sleep, it was long but far from dry and long. I thought I would never shoot a gun because of what happen to me, the noise yesterday had me back trapping and I was like uhhhhhhhhh I don’t know about the shooting part, but once I sat in class, and heard Mr. Bob Talk I said I can do it. I got out there and did it, I went last but I did it. He don’t talk to you with some nice voice” He mean what he says and he says what he mean”. I don’t think it get know better than this, he know what he’s doing, he gave us a 10 min break every hour, I didn’t want to leave for lunch …… I was happy to be learning without getting bored, for once in a lifetime I was up alert and learning, and really learning…… If I can leave anyone out there with anything from this class, I would say this only comes once in a lifetime a instructor like Mr. Bob, you have to meet this MAN,”HE’S THE REAL DEAL”. I would refer you to him without an doubt. I wouldn’t mind going back out there sitting another 9 hours to learn more from him. Please if you are reading this testimony and want your bang for your buck and more go see Mr. Bob…..

I don’t think know one in the class knew I was a young 26 year old sitting in class with a bullet in me because, I didn’t want to be singled out, I walk fine, look fine, I am fine and I proved my point by taking action and completing this course. I am currently fine I live a normal life again because I didn’t give up, and he teaches you not to give up, keep going and have a plan.

Milton J. Stone

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