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We at CCW AZ SCHOOL Thank You:


Thank you for registering for our Concealed Weapon Permit Class or Firearms Training Class. In the next 24 hours you’ll receive a “Reservation Confirmation” via the email address you signed up with. YOU MUST BRING YOUR PAYPAL PAYMENT RECEIPT which has your “NAME and TRANSACTION ID NUMBER” on it.  If you signed up for curriculum “111” the following information concerning Firearms and Ammo does not apply to you. However refund information below does apply.

For all other Classes:  Your PayPal receipt will act as your confirmation. Please you must bring all confirmation receipt’s and especially your PayPal receipt (which shows you paid for the class). These receipts reserve you and or your group a seat(s). DO NOT LEAVE RECEIPTS AT HOME!  We look forward to seeing you at the event.  If your choice was a shooting element class, Gun Bag preferred.  Holster not necessary.  Please if you signed up for curriculum #101,#202 or #404 and you own your own Firearm, bring ears and eyes protection. Acceptable firearms (.22, 9 mm, .32, 380, .38, 357, .40 & .44, .45 Calibers) recommended with 20 to 30 rounds of ammo per student.  For other calibers call Bob at phone number below.  For those who do not own a Firearm the aforementioned can be supplied to you at No Charge.  Just send us an email to: and request caliber from above.  For refund we require 30 days notice prior to the event you signed up for to cancel that event.  However we  reserve the right to deduct an administration fee and or processing fee.   If something has come up and you would like to reschedule for a future class (we allow one re-schedule of a regular scheduled class in which you must attend within 90 days.  Exception is the “1 Day Special Events”). If you do not attend within this time frame there is no refund. Any questions call 480-275-6995.  No additional information and or reminder will follow in the days before the class. Thank you for your patronage.

Bob (De-Nay) Denis, CEO
AZ DPS & NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
CCW AZ SCHOOL, Director of Training

Email Address:

 *Please remember if you own a Firearm – bring Ear & Eye protection with 20 to 30 rounds of ammo.  Acceptable caliber .22 thru .45 for other calibers call Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis at (480)-275-6995. If you do not own a firearm and need the use of one of Bob ‘s pistol’s let him know before the start of class.