We at CCW AZ SCHOOL Thank You:


Thank you for purchasing one of our gift cards. Please give a copy of the paid receipt from PayPal to the person(s) you are giving the Gift to.  For Birthday or Holiday you can simply wrap the Gift Card up to give to them.  This PayPal receipt will be checked by the Instructor prior to the start of Class.  THEY SHOULD NOT LEAVE IT AT HOME this is very important. The person you are gifting has a choice of Firearms Instructional CCW Classes #101, #111, #202 or #404.  They can then go to our website ccwazschool.com sign up for the Class of their choice and in comments section they can list the Transaction ID number on the Gift Card receipt.  IF they need assistance in signing up they can always call Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis and he can sign them up if needed.  In the next few minutes you should receive a confirmation via the email address you signed up with.

Thank you for your patronage.

Bob (De-Nay) Denis, CEO
AZ DPS & NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
CCW AZ SCHOOL, Director of Training

Email Address: bob@ccwazschool.com



*Please remember if you own a Firearm – bring Ear & Eye protection with 30 to 50 rounds of ammo. Acceptable caliber .22 thru .45 for other calibers call Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis at (480)-275-6995.