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Curriculum 111 is a “69 minute CCW Law and Defensive Hand Gun Lecture Permit Class “.  Get’s you the Concealed Carry Permit (better known in Arizona as CCW) good in 36 States. Non-Residents 28 States.  No Test, No Shooting Element Needed.  Student Questions and Finger Printing (no charge) plus Instructor Bob (De-Nay’s) Denis will assistance in the correct completion of DPS CCW application, which does not count towards 69 minute CCW Class Lecture time (per DPS). Scroll to bottom of page.  Many Dates to pick from.  Hosted by CSC – Clark Seif Clark.  See Map below.

Open to the Public, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Military Veterans, Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, 1st & 2nd Responders, Clergy, Real Estate & Insurance Agents.

Address: 7302 W. Chicago Street, Chandler, AZ 85226

#111 – 69 Minute CCW Permit Law and Self Defensive Hand Gun Lecture and Certificate Class.  No Written Test, No Shooting Element required.  No additional charge for Fingerprinting and assistance in the Correct Completion of all AZ DPS Documentation which does not count towards Class time (per DPS). 

#202 – 4 hr. NRA Pistol, No Written Test.  No Charge for Gun Rental & Ammo covered by Instructor at Shooting Range. In- Door Range Fees & Targets are covered by Instructor as well. No additional charge for Fingerprinting and Assistance in the Correct Completion of all AZ DPS Documentation which does not count towards Class time (per DPS).

Note: Regularly Scheduled shooting element classes limited to 4 to 5 Students.  Smaller Classes are Safer Classes and allow for more one on one Instruction.  Other Instructors who allow 15, 30 or 40 Students can waste your time and be unsafe.  And how long would it take that Instructor to do 30 to 40 Students Fingerprinting? Do you have the time to wait? 


No Charge Materials & Services Provided By Instructor:

  • NO CHARGE Finger Printing Service completed at Class, along with assistance from Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis in the correct completion of all DPS CCW documentation for Classes 111, 202, 404.
  • NO CHARGE Range & Target fees covered. Gun Rental plus Ammo for those who do not own a Gun. Classes 202, 404.
  • NO CHARGE Eye & Ear Protection (state of the art headsets) covered. For Classes 202, 404.
  • NO CHARGE NRA Safety Rules Brochure. For Classes 202, 404.
  • NO CHARGE Copy of Instructor Bob (De-Nay’s) Denis Power Point for the 69 minute CCW Law and Defensive Hand Gun Lecture (class 111).  Also at No Charge a Power Point on Safety, Accuracy, Ammunition and Maintenance of Firearms” for Classes 202, 303 and 404.  This is a $160 value added benefit.
  • NO CHARGE Color Completion Certificate good in 36 States. Classes 111, 202, 404.

PRIVATE ANY COUPLES CLASS and or 1 on 1 – How it works: Two Classes for the Price of one.  CCW Permit Color Certificate Class.  And for Curriculum 202 NRA Color Certificate Pistol Course.  Your choice of curriculum 111, 202 (202 is a shooting element class) we’ll use a In-Door Air Conditioned Shooting Range 1 exit away.  See all “No Charge items” above covered by Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis. 

$248 for Any Couples Private Class and or 1 on 1 $165 your choice of curriculum.  Corporate Group Classes $145 ea. minimum of 4 Students.

Note: There is absolutely no other CCW School or Gun Range in Arizona that offers more for your hard earned dollar. Sign up today!

Tuition – Prices vary depending on which Curriculum you sign up for. Private “Class On Demand” by appointment only.  Questions Call Bob, Phone 480-275-6995


Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis is the Author of Curriculum #111 here in the State of Arizona (Material is all Copy Written). He has trained over 20,000 Students since 2004. He has trained PRIVATE TACTICAL RIFLE, SHOTGUN, and PISTOL CLASSES. Trained Professional Athlete’s such as the SUNS, Cardinals and the D-Backs. He’s trained Local Law Enforcement, USAF PJ’s & CCT’s, Navy Seals, Army Rangers and Green Bret’s.


Arizona Residents Please Note:  Bob’s Classes will allow you to carry a Concealed Weapon in 36 States. Non-Residents 28 States.  Our friendly Staff will do your finger printing and assist in the “CORRECT” completion of all DPS CCW Permit Documentation so it’s right the FIRST TIME.  Our NewClass on Demand” cause our Appointment Dates to Fast.  Call Bob at Phone Number 480-275-6995 to Register for your “Private Any Couples” or “1 on 1 Class” Today!



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