Private Couples Class and or 1 on 1 Class 

Specialized Training

We drive to your Home or Business. Or you can come to our Air-Conditioned Classroom. The choice is yours, talk about convenience!

 You’re Choice of Curriculum 202 or 404

*Bob is the most sought after DPS/NRA Certified Firearms Instructor in Arizona.  Understand why, read Students Testimonies. Click link below:

Materials & Services provided by Instructor:

  • NO CHARGE Finger Printing and assistance in the correct completion of all DPS CCW Permit documentation at class. $35 value. For classes 202, 404.
  • NO CHARGE Range fees covered for all Students & Gun Rental and Ammunition for those who do not own one.  $60 value. For classes 202, 404.
  • NO CHARGE Eye & Ear Protection (state of the art headsets). $15 value. For classes 202, 404.
  • NO CHARGE NRA Safety Rules Brochure. For classes 202, 404.
  • NO CHARGE copy of two Power Points by Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis on 2016 CCW Law and Defensive Handgun plus Safety, Accuracy, Ammunition, and Maintenance of Firearms”. $125 value. For classes 202, 404.
  • NO CHARGE NRA Color Course Completion Certificate good in 50 States. For classes 202, 404.


You can get all of the above for

$248 for Couples Class and or 1 on 1 your choice of curriculum.  Corporate Group Classes $145 ea. minimum of 4 Students, maximum of 5 Students.  Again your choice of curriculum. 


PRIVATE COUPLES CLASS and or 1 on 1 – How it works: For our “Private 1 on 1 CCW Class” we drive to your location and bring all our equipment needed to conduct your Private 1 on 1 Class.  We’ll bring our Computer, Projector, Screen, Finger Printing Machine, Demo Firearms for Students to use in Class.  Your choice of curriculum 101, 202, 404 (shooting element classes) and we’ll use a Shooting Range that day nearest you.  See all “No Charge items above” covered by Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis, all for $248 for up to 2 Adults.  We give Private Couples and or 1 on 1 Classes in the Phoenix Metro area.

You’ll find it hard to equal the benefits for enrolling in our School. 

Questions, call Bob at 480-275-6995 for your Date, Time and Curriculum that you want for your Private Couples and or 1 on 1 Class.  And you can click on link below to see available dates.  Need a Class during the week Bob can arrange that for you.


*For Corporate/ Private Couples and or 1 on 1 Classes Click on Link below: