Course Curriculum 303 Tactical 6 Hours

Course Curriculum 303 (also gets CCW permit if needed).

Special 2 for 1 price. 

Tactical Pistol and Rifle. Specialized Instruction.

Want to survive a gun battle?  Per our Web Site – “The Future belongs to those who prepare for it”!  Only proper training and constant practice with firearms can make the difference between a future that’s uncertain and a future that is safe and secure for you and or your family.

Comprehensive training for the General Public, Police, Fire Department Employees New TLO Instruction, Military (both active and veterans alike).  *This course is not for the faint of heart. 

We are happy to announce that we are now instructing Curriculum 303 a Tactical Rifle and Pistol Certificate Course. For Civilians, Police, Active Duty and Prior Military plus Captains and Lieutenants of Arizona’s Fire Departments for TLO’s (Terrorism Liaison Officers) weapons training and certifications. Questions Call Bob, 480-275-6995. 

303 Tactical Pistol/Rifle Instruction is a 6 hour course. No written examination. Students are taught in a Classroom, Simulator 2000 Situational Shooting Room and a Private Pistol/Rifle Range (warning training is beyond the line of fire). 

Instructors are trained Special Forces, Green Beret, Rangers, CCT  & PJ (Para Rescue) Special OPS. Combat Veterans with multiple tours to Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. I highly recommend you wear attire that is conducive for “Tactical Training” for this 6 hour course.

Course Objectives:

1. To review responsible firearms safety

2. To understand the skills and techniques involved in Tactical Pistol and Rifle usage.

3. To apply Tactical Pistol and Rifle skills in an instructional environment

Focus areas within this course and equipment needed:

  1. Firearms Safety and Gun handling rules
  2. Understanding of marksmanship in classroom and range
  3. Proper storage and securing weapon techniques
  4. Weapons Care and Maintenance
  5. Single/Double Action Pistols & Revolvers
  6. Ammunition
  7. Malfunction Clearances
  8. Tactical Firearm loading and unloading
  9. Combat Pistol GripRegardless of your past training Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis will personally train you on techniques that have helped thousands of Military Spec OPS, Law Enforcement, Fire Department Officers and Civilians improve their accuracy by 15 to 20%.
  10. Sight Alignment
  11. Dominant Eye
  12. Correct Trigger Squeeze
  13. Breath Control
  14. Dry Fire (hands on application of skills).
  15. Mental Conditioning For Use Of Deadly Force
  16. Waiver of Liability Release (Hold Harmless & Indemnification Agreement).
  17. Legal Issues of Deadly Force – Simulator Room “Practice Scenarios”
  18. Advanced Shooting Positions, Scanning and Communicating
  19. Shooting from Cover and Concealment (definitions, proper distance, movement to and around cover).
  20. Assessments of the threats
  21. Shooting on the move
  22. Alternate Shooting Positions
  23. Shooting Course with Barricades (Barrier Transitions).
  24. Suppressive fire techniques
  25. NO CHARGE if needed Finger Printing and Assistance in completing DPS Documentation for AZ CCW – NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for training those who do not have a CCW Permit (only takes one additional hour to achieve CCW Permit). Excellent value added benefit good in 36 States.

Equipment needed:

  • Live Fire with Pistol using (Strong side holster required).  Recommend Semi-Auto Pistol.  Your choice caliber (9mm, .40, or .45)
  • Live Fire with AR-15 or M4 Type Assault Rifle (.223 caliber) with Pistol for Transitioning. 80 Rounds for Pistol w/minimum of two magazines, 80 Rounds for Rifle (again .223 caliber recommended) with sling, 3 point or single point only, with a minimum of two 20 or 30 round magazines.
  • Knee pads optional but I highly recommend.
  • Closed-toe shoes or boots

Special Note:  All Range, Targets, Eye and Ear Protection plus Simulator Room Rental and Classroom fees are covered for the day by Master Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis, CEO of Firearms Institute of America.  If one does not own a AR-15 or M4 Rifle please let us know, because these can be supplied for NO CHARGE. All Ammo used is students expense.

Tuition (2 for 1 pricing) 2 student maximum (for additional students call Instructor Bob at 480-275-6995).  Comprehensive Certificate Course with two for one pricing = $440 total for both. Instructing only 2 Students per class per day.  Instructing Professional Athletes from the Suns, Cardinals, D-Backs and General Public since 2004.  We Instruct our Tactical Classes by appointment only. For dates and times call Ph. 480-275-6995.  And yes, you must drive to our Air Conditioned, In-Door Range in Tempe, Arizona for this very specialize training. 

Please Note:  In 2010 legislation significantly changed the role of the Arizona Department of Public Safety in administering the Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit program. The law provided that among other training options, any firearms safety course taught by an NRA Certified Instructor would satisfy the training requirement for the AZ CCW permit. DPS is no longer responsible for the review and approval of the training curriculum.  Which makes Instructor Bob (De-Nay’s) Denis’s classes viable to obtain the Arizona CCW (concealed carry weapons) permit.  Sign up today and see why.

This is an Approved Course by DPS Certified

Firearms Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis.