The U.S. Constitution protects your right to own a firearm, but it cannot ensure that you have the skills and abilities to safely use one to protect yourself. CCW AZ School instructs five separate courses in the safety and correct use of firearms, all five give the opportunity for their students to walk away with a Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (CCW). Which allows them to carry a concealed weapon in 35 other states, 36 if you count Arizona. We know that not everyone has the same abilities when it comes to firearms, which is why our courses vary in skill level. Beginners to experienced shooters will be able to find a course that best fits their needs and can be beneficial to their growth as a marksman. We limit all shooting element classes to only 12 studentsThis way the Instructor can spend the quality time needed with each student. Your Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis is a DPS/NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and Military Combat Veteran.  Please Note:  Since Bob keeps his Shooting Element Class limit to 12 you won’t have to wait an extra two hours in class while the Instructor assists 20 to 30 students with Finger Printing (a waste of your time). 

When it comes to education, safety and practical experience with a firearm, you want to have the best instructors and the most thorough courses.

THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO PREPARE FOR IT!  Only careful and comprehensive training with a firearm can make the difference between a future that’s secure with a Concealed Weapon versus a future that’s uncertain.

Arizona now accepts Non-Residents of all States in the USA. People from other States who want to get the Arizona CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons Permit) to be able to Carry their Firearms Concealed in 29 States legally, should take #111 our 2 hour Arizona CCW Law & Self Defense Session (No Exam).  It’s conducted in a Classroom Training type setting.  This Class is for the person with experience with firearms, who does not have time to seat through several hours of additional firearms training.  Don’t know if you qualify for this Class?  Let me ask you the following question:  On a scale from one to ten (ten being the highest) how do you rate yourself on SAFETY and ACCURACY with a firearm?  If the answer is 7 or above you qualify for curriculum #111 . Bob will also assist you in the correct completion of all DPS documentation Finger Printing included. How convenient is that? 

Not experienced with firearms click here read about curriculum #202 or #404

*Now offering a special price for the person who is experienced with firearms.  Do you have a very busy work schedule and you’re already experienced with Firearms?  For those people we offer this very special pricing.  ARIZONA CCW CLASS 78% OFF PERMIT COURSE – And the added bonus is that this CCW Class is actually 1 on 1 with Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis.  Special pricing listed at the bottom of this page.  

Again because Arizona has reciprocity with so many States, Non-Residents of Arizona obtaining our CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) permit through CCW AZ School, will enable the Students to carry firearms concealed in 29 States. If you live in Arizona it’s 35 States.

First question you should ask yourself is: What is my experience level with a firearm?  Second question: Which of the 5 Curriculum (top left of this page) and 6 class locations best meets my needs?  The choice is yours!  Please Note: In taking our CCW curriculum please remember that the time needed for finger printing & permit application completion during class (per DPS) does not count as class time.

Check out our most popular courses below:

111 Experienced                                                    Enroll Now »

2 Hr. CCW Law & Self Defense Permit Certificate Course (Get’s Permit)  Good in 35 States. This 2 hour certificate course is meant for students with experience using firearms who don’t have the need for additional training. You will personally meet Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis who assists Students in the correct completion of all DPS documentation. Added Bonus: Finger Printing included on DPS Finger Print Cards. Some 2 hour permit classes are held at Phoenix local restaurants.  Bob provides a meal at NO CHARGE for the Students at these locations. Students can expect to learn about new laws, tickets and requirements that have gone into effect in the last couple of years, such as:

  1. The 2010-2014 CCW Law: Legal Issues Relating to the Use of Deadly Force
  2. Where Fire Arms are Prohibited or Restricted
  3. School Exceptions
  4. Permit Holder Requirements
  5. What to Say When Approached by an Officer While Carrying a Firearm
  6. $300 1st Offense Ticket and How to Avoid It
  7. Defensive Display Arizona Law, you’ll see Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis demonstrate this.

After all instruction and demonstrations by instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis, he will then field questions and concerns from the students about the Arizona Concealed Carry Permit.  Completion of this course will still earn you the same CCW Permit as any other course taught in Arizona. Also please keep in mind Finger Printing included and assistance in the completion of the DPS Permit application, so it’s correct the first time. 

202 NRA Pistol                                                       Enroll Now »

5 1/2 Hr. NRA First Steps Pistol Course (Get’s Permit)  This NRA Certificate course is good in 50 StatesStudents who are new to shooting or at least, new to shooting Pistols and Experienced Shooters who have not fired a pistol in 5 or more years would greatly benefit from this 4 hour course. First hour and a half of Class time is on Arizona CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons Law & Self Defense). The next 3 hours will be spent in the classroom learning the fundamentals of safe handling and proper orientation of a pistol model of each student’s choice.  And because this course is very hands on, class sizes will never reach more than 12 students. The final hour of the course is spent on the range, so that students can put their new knowledge to use (total time 5 1/2 hours). Throughout the course, students can expect to learn the following:

  1. Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons law
  2. NRA’s Rules to Safe Gun Handling
  3. Pistol Parts & Operation for the Model of Your Choice
  4. How to Select the Proper Ammunition
  5. Shooting Fundamentals and Bob’s very popular accuracy made easy session
  6. Continuing Opportunities for Skill Development

This introductory course will still allow you the opportunity to earn your Arizona Concealed Carry Permit and doesn’t require you to take a written exam. Finger printing included. Students will also walk away with an NRA First Steps Pistol Course color completion certificate. Recognized in 50 States.

*Bob is the most sought after DPS/NRA Certified Firearms Instructor in Arizona. Understand why, read Students Testimonies. Click link below:

Voted #1 Firearms & CCW Instructor in Arizona.

Special Note: Do you have a busy schedule?  Well then Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis can meet you when you have time for a Private 90 minute 1 on 1 “Coffee Break” CCW Law & Self Defense Lecture.  For “Experience Shooters” only.  Instructing 7 days a week, at Starbucks address below.  Call for your private session today!  Get’s you the same Permit as the 8 hour Arizona CCW Class.  Price includes assistance on all DPS documentation (we provide all forms and CCW Color Certificates) as well as Finger Printing Services. How convenient is that? For Private 1 on 1 Class just call Instructor Bob (De-Nay) Denis, he’ll meet you at the Starbucks address below.  Day or evening, 7 days a week. Call (480) 275-6995Only $78 per personAny Couples Discount $128. Call for appointment today! Cash only at time of class. Exact change appreciated. No shooting element. No equipment needed. No exam!

Starbucks Coffee Company
1620 W. Elliot Road
Tempe, AZ 85284